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If you have a website with a Google page rank of at least one, we will give you free PushpinMagnets just for linking to our site.   For an explanation of Google page rank click here.  You may display the page rank of a page using the Google toolbar application.
Below is an example of a link that will get you a 6 pack of PushpinMagnets if you are the website owner.  Please use your own words, but link from the words "refrigerator magnet." We will also throw in an extra 6 pack for every number over 2 your site has for a google page rank! You also must agree to leave the link up for at least one year. Sites that are just a list of links do not qualify and we reserve the right disqualify any site with controversal subject matter.

You should look at this super strong refrigerator magnet web site.

This is what the HTML code looks like:

<P>You should look at this super strong <A href="" target=_blank>refrigerator magnet</A> web site.</P>

Once you have the link up just use the contact information below to contact us and we well send you the magnets.  Also consider our affiliate program that pays you 15% of every order that we get from a site visitor you referred.